1. You’ll quite honestly Never Walk Alone Dagger! ⚽️❤️


  2. "He is above any criticism , he is the symbol of liverpool , he is the symbol of loyality in the world of football …… he chose to keep his heart red forever."
    — My commentator about Steven Gerrard (via lomy-rehan)

    never have truer words been spoken

  3. Over the Alps, just landed in Italy 🇮🇹✈️

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  5. And long may it continue…

  6. One week ☀️

  7. ijustreallylike1dokay:

    i’m not saying harry is smuggling the dark lord under his headscarves but

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  8. Harry, why do you have to look so fit all of the time?

  9. troyesivan:

    HAPPY LITTLE PILL - 25/07/14 - 
    I am both so ready and so unready for this! troyesivan

  10. I weirdly attracted to Dirk Kuyt’s arms