1. "He is above any criticism , he is the symbol of liverpool , he is the symbol of loyality in the world of football …… he chose to keep his heart red forever."
    — My commentator about Steven Gerrard (via lomy-rehan)

    never have truer words been spoken

  2. Over the Alps, just landed in Italy 🇮🇹✈️

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  4. And long may it continue…

  5. One week ☀️

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    i’m not saying harry is smuggling the dark lord under his headscarves but

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  7. Harry, why do you have to look so fit all of the time?

  8. troyesivan:

    HAPPY LITTLE PILL - 25/07/14 - 
    I am both so ready and so unready for this! troyesivan

  9. I weirdly attracted to Dirk Kuyt’s arms


  10. Luis

    I’m not really sure how I feel about Luis leaving, any player that plays for the reds will instantly have my heart. Because it is my belief that in life as well as in football your should show support and love always, and it can and will create a solid team. Without being bias I think that Liverpool has the strongest and by far the most supportive fan base, especially as it hadn’t always been rosy.
    When Suarez first joined and showed us what he was made of I was ecstatic, who wouldn’t be excited by someone of his talent who plays the game I love so much so well. Then there was all the controversy, the diving and the biting. I never really gelled to his character but still I was an advocate of his beautiful football.
    Then the World Cup came, I just wanted him and all the other boys to come home safe and injury free. The he only went and bloody bit someone, seriously Suarez again!
    So I felt that it was blown out of proportion, no serious damage was done it was just super weird! And then I realised I was fed up of it, and I just couldn’t be bothered!
    I am sad he is gone but I know Rodgers and Gerrard can build a team who will work hard and give us a great season. I am excited for the future
    Suarez you like all ex-Liverpool players will never walk alone ❤️⚽️