I am so nervous about Sunday, and I honestly believe Jose is spouting all this crap about second rate teams ect as mind games. MIND GAMES I tell you. He is king of them, even if he does put out a worse team he is only telling us so we let our guard down, we cannot afford to drop. If it is a worse team we go harder than ever before and we trounce them. None of his bad luck is our good luck, we stick to our original plan, we leave everything on the pitch, we show them what we have! And how good we are. It’s ours to loose so do not fuck it up

  2. Gerrard’s reaction to Lucas giving a free kick away in the 94th minute

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  3. And just a pile of profiteroles as Jesus would’ve wanted

  4. Easter Bakewell tart 🐥🐰


  6. Just some of my homemade focaccia for yesterday’s dinner

  7. I was worried I would get dehydrated on the train, also the innocent one is way better than the green naked juice!! 💚

  8. A Richmond sunset


  9. Bill Shankly once said “Some people believe football is a matter of life and death, I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that.”

    On a day when we remember the 96 fellow Liverpool football club supporters who went to the FA cup semi-final on April 15th 1989 and never returned to a red and blue Liverpool we must keep in mind that football should only ever be metaphorically a situation of life and death.

    This is the longest of matches being played, there can only be one winner in the fight for justice. It has been too long, we are willing to win, hoping to win, knowing we will win. WE WILL BE TRIUMPHANT.

    Liverpool made a stand, we stuck together, twenty five years have passed but there has never been a doubt within Liverpool that our 96 died a wrongful death, that it was covered up, that they were bashed by institutions. But now we rise up, in this year when we can dream of lifting a trophy oh so important, we will gain the justice deserved for those who went to support their team with red hearts and red kits on their back on that fateful day.

    But with our red hearts, red kits and scarves we will remember that:

    We are Liverpool Football Club, We are family and you will never walk alone.


  10. THIS AMAZING! ❤️⚽️